Racing Aston Martin

Racing with Aston Martin

The first letter of the R-Motorsport team name is an "R" like "Racing". Because Racing is part of Aston Martin St. Gallen's DNA with our motorsport company AF Racing AG and our race team R-Motorsport. "Emotion, Passion, Vision" is the claim our motorsport engagement stands for. Customer sport or professional racing, whatever your choice might be, we offer you the environment you would expect from us as being one of the most successful Aston Martin dealerships worldwide.



From the optimal care of the team at GT3 and GT4 races to the refined appearance at our representative hospitality with sophisticated catering with a star chef we offer you the whole package for a successful and adequate appearance in automobile sport. Aston Martin St. Gallen is synonymous for an excellent care of our customers and this is the way we organize our service in the field of motor racing as well.
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