Q by Aston Martin: The Ultimate Individualisation

Architecture, interior design – everything perfectly attuned to each another. With generous proportions, a cosy lounge, and an open fireplace.

Aston Martin St. Gallen

„Q by Aston Martin“ – – this is the unique personalisation service from Aston Martin.

Designed so that your Aston Martin truly reflects your personality. Join us on a journey of inspiration, into the world of art, design and craftsmanship, to far away countries or to familiar places. We have studied the characteristics of objects, materials, colours and structures, and transferred these influences to components that you can select for your car. In doing this, we have explored the possibilities to the very limits of imagination.

Welcome to the world of Q – the world of the tailor-made car.


Aston Martin St. Gallen has one of the largest Q-Lounges in the world, ready for you to enjoy. We can open up a whole new kingdom of undreamt-of possibilities for you. So that you can plan in detail, feel and experience the almost endless number of ways you can individualise your Aston Martin. Using the large number of patterns and materials, we can help you visualise your personal choice during the specification phase of your Aston Martin. Your car will thus become an absolutely unique model.

Aston Martin St. Gallen
Aston Martin St. Gallen

Q – this is our way of fusing your individual vision with our craftsmanship and expertise. The goal is the ultimate Aston Martin. Your Aston Martin. Because we believe that your Aston Martin should reflect everything that is especially close to your heart.

List of sources Magazin Zürich; Text: Urs Heinz Aerni