Where passion drives with style

They have arrived and are ready,  entrepreneurs Andreas Baenziger and Florian Kamelger, along with photographers Karine and Oliver, at the Flüelapass.

Aston Martin St. Gallen

Dynamics and power is what they are all about.

As heads of an internationally renowned network for sports medicine, the two physicians develop concepts that medically support people who wish to stay mobile. But the work they do together is not solely restricted to medicine – both love motorsports and share a passion for Aston Martin.

And so, it was bound to happen: A passion became an idea, and an idea became a vision. Now these two business partners have brought a fresh breeze of activity into the world of luxury cars. With a home base in Niederwil, St. Gallen, this project represents a whole new dimension, even for the exquisite British luxury brand.

The outside appearance is one thing. The contents are quite another.

That’s why these two visionaries aren’t content with just selling cars in a conventional sense. On the contrary: They plan to set new benchmarks in this regard, convincing customers with emotions, as well as with quality, and competence.

«Just as we hardly perceive clients undergoing medical treatment simply as patients, we also don’t welcome potential customers simply as car buyers» says Florian Kamelger.

This creed sends out a clear message. And which marque would be better suited to such a statement than Aston Martin? Everyone coming close-up with a DB9 GT can’t help but imagine they’re on the set of a James Bond film.



The sound of the engine provides the music, and when it’s switched off you just soak up the silence of the mountains. To those who love and appreciate it, there’s nothing quite like a mountain scenery. The same goes for driving an Aston Martin.

The new dealership location exudes an air of exclusivity and meditative tranquillity as well

Architecture, interior design – perfectly attuned to one another. Generous proportions, with a cosy lounge and an open fireplace. Perfectly reflecting the philosophy of the British marque, and very much in tune with the taste of Baenziger und Kamelger. Developed and created in close cooperation with carefully selected partners from the home entertainment and culinary sectors, as well as from the watch and clothing manufacture sectors.

«We want this to be a world of experience which offers our guests an attractive service, and which will influence the buying experience long-term», as the motto of the entrepreneurs states.

Aston Martin St. Gallen

The pass is behind them, the valley lies ahead of them.

The gentlemen look relaxed as they get out of the car at their destination.

«And even though private transport faces major social and environmental challenges, we’re convinced that discerning drivers will still be going out for their traditional drive in fifty years’ time.»

They close the car doors with a gentle push, notably with a sound which proves that aesthetics also include acoustics. The looks on their faces captured by Karine and Oliver’s lenses express a lot, possibly: «Gentlemen just appreciate beauty.»

List of sources Magazin Zürich; Text: Urs Heinz Aerni Photos: Karine & Oliver